1. Name and contact data- We collect your first and last name, email address, postal address, phone number, and other similar contact data.

2. Credentials- We collect your username and password when you create your personal account on our websites.

3. Demographic data- We collect data about you such as your date of birth, Parents/Guardian Name, Photograph, Address, age, gender, country, blood group, citizenship and preferred language.

4. Educational and professional background- We collect data about your employment history, education history and possibly your standardized test scores.

5. Videos and pictures- Photographs or video recordings may be taken during our physical events, we may use the visual or video captures of your person on our websites or promotional material.

6. Other information- any other information that you may provide to us, such as in feedback forms or through the "Contact Us" feature on our Sites.

7. Information Collected by Automated Means- When you visit our websites, we may collect certain information by automated means, such as cookies, web beacons and web server logs. The information we may collect in this manner includes:

* Unique device identifier

* Browser characteristics

* Device characteristics

* Operating system

* Language preferences

* Referring URLs

* Information on actions taken on our websites

* Dates and times of visits to our sites and other usage statistics

* Location data


NIFA is a renowned Institute of Financial Awareness in Madhya Pradesh.

With more than 35 years of Stock Market experience. We have trained over 7500 clients and have been part of the life changing experience of many others

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