NISM (National Institute of Securities Markets)

National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) is an online testing and certification program for NISM Courses, which has been established by SEBI - the most powerful regulator of Indian Capital Markets. Since NISM has been promoted by SEBI itself, the NISM Exams and Certifications have become one of the most important certifications in the Indian Financial and Capital Market Sector.

Currently there are over 20 NISM certification exams / NISM Courses which have been prepared with a view of testing the practical knowledge and skills required to operate in the Indian Financial Markets. This is to ensure that the persons entering this field are of high caliber and are upto the challenges of the mature, vibrant and demanding markets.

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Benefits of NISM Certification

  • * NISM certification is accepted by brokers, investment banks, banks, AMCs, and other entities in the stock market across the country.
  • * NISM certification also offers easy access to study material to help you enhance your knowledge of the securities industry.
  • * Perhaps the biggest advantage of NISM certification is that it can help you land a good job in the securities market and craft a great career. It can increase your chances of employment in finance, marketing and management.
  • * Most people go for NISM certification since it is one of the basic requirements for various roles in the stock market. Thus, this certification helps fulfil a basic requirement.
  • * Moreover, NISM certification also requires less fees as compared to other certifications available in the market.


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